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Load/Save and Options Layout

If you include a screen whose root is called SystemMenu, then the default load/save etc functionality will be disabled somewhat. ESC will open this SystemMenu, or close either the LoadSave, Options, or SystemMenu screen (whichever is at the top level). This allows for finer control of the layout and use of the loadsave screens.

Note, you can open a correctly set up loadsave or options screen by using custom command values 0 or 1 respectively. E.g.

COMMAND CUSTOM 1 attached to a button will open the options screen.

Unit Orientation

If you include a TerrainFollow attrib in the squads file, then for units with this attrib as non-zero they will align themselves with the terrain (i.e. hills etc)

Formation Change

All units now call the formation callback, not just those with more than 1 man remaining.

Editor Unit Loading

Set the tweak EditorDefaultLoading to zero to require the CTRL key to load units onto other units. For editor ease of use for games where units cannot carry other units.

Editor Unit Values

You can now set up to 4 user values on units in the editor. These are stored in 4 attribs called System_EditorData0 to System_EditorData3. Users should set them onto the units in the editor in the usual way using SetAttrib. To facilitate editor functionality the new script command GetEditorLastUnit() is available.

Editor Display Callback


This new function in the helper script is called for each unit on the map in the editor. If it returns non-zero then the system will include the contents of the first UI string in the information that is shown over the unit (e.g. Fixed, Carryover, etc).