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Updates to AddVizUnitText and AddVizText

Any string starting with @ will cause the actual string to be ignored, and the contents of the first UI string will be passed through to the displayed text. E.g.

Print("The message %d", value) ;
AddVizUnitText(me,"@","FFFFFFFF") ;

The limit for messages is 126 characters, any over will be cropped.

Custom UI Commands

  • 0 - bring up Loadsave
  • 1 - bring up Options
  • 10 - return to Main Menu
  • 100 - show purchase screen for DLC

MultiUnitScale Tweak

There is a new tweak MultiUnitScale which denotes the scale applied to units when there is more than 1 unit in a hex. It is in 100ths. Documented aditionally in the TWEAKS.TXT autodocs.

Showing Unit Info on Right Click

In Helpers.bsf there is a callback SHOW_UNIT_INFO_CALLBACK which is passed the ID of the clicked on unit. You can use this callback to set up and display a unit info UI object.