Empires Hotkeys

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  • Shift+F11 - open script debugger
  • Shift+F12 - toggle object inspector
  • F - cycle through terrain display modes (normal, hide FOW effect, hide weather effect, hide both)
  • Ctrl+Shift+I - rerun the AI for the current turn
  • Shift+Home - toggle script profiler
  • Shift+End - reset script profiler
  • Ctrl+F11 - reload shaders, edit and continue supported
  • Ctrl+F12 - reload scripts, edit and continue supported
  • Ctrl+Home - reload textures which have changes since loading
  • Ctrl+End - reload UI and string files
  • PrtScn - take a screenshot (saved in My Games\FieldOfGloryEmpires\SCREENS)
  • Ctrl+Shift+P - start or stop recording a video (slideshow)

Many dev hotkeys require debug mode to be active

See Key Mapping in the game Options UI for more keys.